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Competition Info for contestants

Important information for MEMO 2011 contestants

1. The MEMO 2011 contest will be held at Prva gimnazija Varaždin. The individual contest takes place on Saturday, 3rd September 2011 and the team contest takes place on Sunday, 4th September 2011. Both contests are scheduled to start at 9:00. On contest days you must gather in front of the Student Dormitory by 8:30, when you will go to Prva gimnazija (a 7-10 min walk). Guides will assist you in finding your workplaces till 8:50.

On the day of the individual contest you will find on your desk one folder and one envelope, both marked with your contestant code. You are strictly requested not to open the envelope before instructed to do so.

On the day of the team contest one folder will be put into each team’s room and the envelope will be given to the teams at the same time.

2. You must bring your own writing and drawing instruments. You are not permitted to bring calculators or any other electronic devices. Any personal utensils that you wish to bring into the contest room should be inside a transparent plastic envelope that you will get from your guide. Two small sandwiches and two bottles (0,5l) of drinks will be provided for each contestant and an additional amount of drinks will be available on request. You may also bring some food or drinks (provided they do not make noise when consumed).

3. In the envelope you will find the contest problems in two languages as previously requested. In a folder you will find

  • coloured folders (each folder is to collect solution sheets for one problem)
  • 20 sheets of paper (answer forms)
  • 1 question form (for submitting questions to the Jury)
  • five cards (for individual competition only) with the following inscription:
    • PAPER – to request more paper,
    • ? – to submit a question to the Jury (in the first 45 minutes only),
    • DRINK – to request additional drinks,
    • WC – to request permission to go to the toilet,
    • HELP – if you need some help or if you want to stop working before the end of the contest (not during the last 20 minutes).
(During the team competition such requests will be communicated directly to the invigilator.)

4. You must write your solutions and rough work on the answer forms, only on one side of the paper. You must fill in your contestant code, problem number (you must solve different problems on separate answer forms!) and page number on each submitted answer form. Contestants' papers will be scanned and copied in black and white, so please use blue or black ink or a very dark black pencil.

5. There will be a clock visible in each contest room. During the competition you will be notified:

  • 30 min before the end of the competition, the text "less than 30 minutes left" will be written on the board.
  • 5 min before the end you will be warned "You have five minutes to finish your work".
  • At the end of the competition.

Once the end of the examination is announced, you must stop writing immediately. Then you must sort your work by problem number and put the solutions for each problem into the appropriate problem folder (coloured) and put all problem folders, and only those, inside the large blue folder. You must put the folder on your table and remain silent and seated until all the folders are collected.

Also, we ask you not to put any blank sheets inside the problem folders. Unused blank sheets should be left on the table. Used paper that you do not want to submit should also be left on the table and will be discarded.

You are allowed to take the contest problems with you. Apart from this, you are allowed to take out of the room only the materials that you brought in your plastic envelope. Specifically, do not take with you any blank or written answer sheet, question form or coloured card.

6. You are expected to work quietly without disturbing others, and of course to respect the obligation to work on your own.

The organisers of the MEMO 2011 wish you to enjoy the competition!

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